The Agro-Synergic vision at Vignobles CHATONNET

The Agro-Synergic vision at Vignobles CHATONNET

The Agro-Synergic project I’ll describe in the pages to be publish in this blog aims tosimultaneously advance economic performance, environmental performance, and the social quality of the production system for winemakers and society as a whole. It pursues a different approach to production by completely reconsidering our ways of thinking, working and our vision. It is first of all a change in agricultural practices. But it is also and above all a different way of thinking that combines the common sense of farmers with modern agronomic knowledge to make the most of the features and natural interactions of our Terroir.


We developed Agro-Synergic practices by drawing on the principles of agroecology and all other production methods that make living things their central focus.

To accomplish this, rather than considering each plot independently, we needed to consider the entire estate and all of its functions from a comprehensive perspective, in which all the elements come together in synergy. This is one of the main differences compared to conventional certified organic frameworks. The implementation of this approach has led to a profound change in our ways of thinking and working. The why and how of each action we take is now considered differently because its impact is analysed from a global point of view and realigned with a long-term perspective.

Of course, the approach described in this booklet is not the final word. We are learning and adapting each day, based on our results as well as the experiences of others, because this approach is open to everything and closed to nothing. Resisting the temptation of fast and easy solutions requires humility, patience and tenacity because it is normal to get discouraged when the environment does not go your way, and this is often the case: We are peasant farmers, living in a house without a roof! This is what sets Agro-Synergy apart from absolutist movements with regard to plant protection products, in which the dogma must be followed at all costs, even if it means losing the crops. It was after experiencing this type of situation and still having to handle the consequences, that my thoughts on the subject began to change and the choice of using all the available solutions in keeping with our sustainable and respectful production philosophy became clear. In winemaking and ageing, our principle is to intervene as little as possible, but without being passive. The practices we implement must not only reveal but also interpret the characteristics of the place and grape varieties within the context of the climate of the given vintage.

It does not matter if jealous or ill-tempered people will be quick to criticise the pragmatism and unorthodox nature of this approach. The results will be proven in the established, objective indicators and above all in the finished product: in vino veritas. You are friendly welcome to visit us and join us in the Agro-Synergic movement.

Pascal Chatonnet

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