Revelation of the Terroir, From grapes to wine, Aging and blending.

“I only know of any seriousness here below in the cultivation of the vine” Voltaire
“God only made water, Man made wine” Victor Hugo
“He who knows how to taste never drinks wine again, he tastes its sweet secrets” Salvador Dali

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My story

Pascal Chatonnet Bordeaux oenologist, international reference for his multiple hats, and in particular for his important scientific work in the field of vinification and aging of wines in barrels , contamination by various pollutants of chemical origin (anisoles, pesticides, etc.) or microbiological ( Brettanomyces ), which have enabled the international development of the EXCELL analysis and expertise laboratory (HDP Group and now Laffort).

While being a winery owner Lalande de Pomerol (Château Haut-Chaigneau – La Croix-Chaigneau – La Sergue) and Saint-Emilion (L'Archange), Pascal CHATONNET has developed since 1995, independently of his other professions, an activity as an oenologist consultant for various properties in France and abroad.

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